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Libera mentem!

Welcome to the borderlands of my twisted perception, beyond the frontiers of imagination; the imaginativum!

My imaginativum represents the ever-changing philosophy of the unconventional modern mind, as it combines the most revolutionary force of them all and one of the most primordial:
Unbent curiosity, and its accompanied deep-seated passion for the morphosis of concepts, and a fundamental desire to inspire!

Libera mentem!

STEMpunk of the cyber®age / Who am I? And what is imaginativum?

//rage against the meat grinder of life, or such, idk... Life has been rough, and I am tired.

First of all, I breathe. That is my main job; Inhaling oxygen, exhaling carbon dioxide. Trivial and not very interesting, futile at times.
When I am too bored of breathing, I create stuff; Primarily it is drawings of whatever surreal soup my brain is coming up with. But I also create tiny crafts; And occassionally I write more or less funny word salad, or poetry or a bizarre mixture of different artistic disciplines.
(Actually I find it quite difficult to describe what I do in a manner that sounds not non-trivial.)

I create mainly surreal art (primarily physical media), writing (preferrably poetry at random times, often at a piece of paper that I lose and find a few days later).

My attention span is short, and sorting the large pile of my creations is an exhausting mess, indirectly proportional to my motivation to sort all that stuff.

The things I offer - besides the daily word salad: