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Cosmic weaving


Conversion of real numbers into imaginary numbers Recursive weaving Mathematical and physical reality The four categories of physical existence

The key concept of cosmic weaving is "looping" imaginary numbers with themselves to further create real, complex and hyper-complex numbers.

There are special interweaving sequences relating to the four categories of physical existence in which the following analogy brings a neat insight about the issue:

Time is a thread that weaves the web of space with the process of motion and creates matter, which is seen as a multiply knotted, "folded" spacetime.

Conversion of real numbers into imaginary numbers

To first understand how real numbers can be converted into imaginary ones, we just try potentiations of i:

i 1 = + i
i 2 = - 1
i 3 = - i
i 4 = + 1

As for imaginary number to real number conversion the process is simple multiplication of imaginary numbers by themselves and can therefor be expressed using solely imaginary variables.
Mulitplication by self leads to potentiations in steps of natural (whole) numbers.

-1 = i*i;
+1 = i*i*i*i
n = i 2k | if n ∈ ℝ and k = ℕ | Meaning: Even potentiations of i are real numbers.
i2x+1 = y | if x ∈ ℕ and y ∈ 𝕀 Meaning: Odd potentiations of i are imaginary numbers.

Conversion of real numbers to imaginary ones needs an inversion of potentiation by natural numbers, say roots, which are eqivalent to potentiation by rational numbers (fractions), excluding natural numbers (whole).

i2n+1 = √ - (1) | if n ∈ ℕ

Recursive weaving

Recursive weaving is the concept of nesting weaving patterns into each other, creating a kind of hierarchical level system.

As every even potentiation creates a real number real numbers can then also be seen as kind of "two-dimensional imaginary numbers" in means of cosmic weaving, which explains why Level 2 complexity can be seen as either one-dimensional in means of 1 dimension being the real number, or 2-dimensional as one can view real numbers as two "interwoven" imaginary numbers.
Level 3 complexity can be 2-dimensional if we remark it as complex numbers consist of a real and an imaginary number. But since real numbers can be converted as subordinate imaginary numbers, it can also be regarded as 3-dimensional weaving.

1 weave = 1 classical real dimension = 2 subordinate weaving dimensions

Real number = 1 classical dimension = 2 imaginary numbers interwoven; Complex number = 2 classical real dimensions = 1 real number and 1 imaginary number; in which the real number consists of two subordinate imaginary numbers.

n = 𝕀n-12k | n;k ∈ ℕ and n = level in the hierarchical order
n+1 = ℝn + 𝕀n | ℝn = 𝕀n-12k
n+1 = 𝕀n-12k + 𝕀n

This phenomenon of nestedness was mentioned first in the chapter about The structure-process-complex (Section: Recursion principles) and will be furtherly discussed in the following chapter Insular patterns in meta-analysis.

Mathematical and physical reality

In my conception of reality, physical reality is embedded in mathematical reality.
Physical reality is a product of mathematical reality that is looped onto itself.
Therefor mathematical reality itself can therefore be seen as the blank state of imaginary numbers that didn't loop with themselves yet.
Mathematical reality occupies no physical dimensions, as it is solely a medium consisting of mathematical information.

An example could be the view about elementary particles being zero-dimensional objects in means of physical dimensionality and therefor having no physical geometry, but occupying meta-mathematical dimensions in mathematical reality having "(meta-) mathematical geometry", which is just analogous to statistical data.
This statistical data can be regarded as a kind of identity or list of past interactions. This list of interactions/identity is responsible for the attributes of elementary particles.
The information of this list of past interactions develop patterns (in means of emergence), which result in some sort of geometry of mathematcial information.

The four categories of physical existence

To come back to structure-process-complexes and the four categories of physical existence, I want to introduce how one can derive which of the four categories relates to the four different potentiations of i.

The imaginary structure and imaginary process of time could be i 3, which is equal to -i, a negative imaginary number.

The imaginary struture and real process of motion could be i 2, which is the negative real number -1.

The real structure and imaginary process of (empty) space could be i, the positive imaginary number.

The real structure and real process of matter could be i 4, which is the positive real number +1.

Cosmic weaving is the concept of the four states of physical existence creating each other through "weaving"

The following equations are rather simplistic and should be taken with a grain of salt.

1-D (empty) space, d (distance) is i.
2-D space would be d 2, and therefor i 2.
3-D space would be d 3, and therefor i 3.

For motion, v (velocity) is i 2.
Acceleration a, can be derived by using the formula of acceleration:
Acceleration = d/ (t 2), which is i.

To derive the different states of matter, we assume that acceleration is similar to gravity, which has relations to density.

ρ = m / V
m = ρ * V; and ρ; being equivalent to a.
m = a * V;
m = i * i 3 = i 4
m = i 4

Then we can insert it in the simplified mass-energy equivalence equation:
E = mc 2, where c = i
E = i 4* i 2
E = i 2

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