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Libera mentem!

Welcome to the borderlands of my twisted perception, beyond the frontiers of imagination; the imaginativum!

My imaginativum represents the ever-changing philosophy of the unconventional modern mind, as it combines the most revolutionary force of them all and one of the most primordial:
Unbent curiosity, and its accompanied deep-seated passion for the morphosis of concepts, and a fundamental desire to inspire!

Libera mentem!

latest update: 2022/05/05 (This website will be updated from time to time.)
Also: typos can occur.

STEMpunk of the cyber®age

Who am I - or who do I think I am?
Well, if we suppose I do exist, because I am becoming who I am; (Referring to one of my upcoming book projects: FIO ERGO SUM - I become, therefore I am)
Then I am Elliot, just a silly figure in this 4-dimensional dynamical game of chess we call "life".

I'm a shapeshiter of ideas,
as much as I'm a shapeshiter of being;
I exist on the verge of non-existence.

My speciality lies in the art of perception, in the entangled and interwoven union of the mathematical mindset with the artistic, scientific and philosophical.
I strive in complexity, and somehow, turbulences offer me certainty in uncertainty.

As a creation can't be separated from its creator, and a creator can't be separated from the experiences that shaped them, that helped them form their preception, you will one day be able to see me as who or merely what I am.
I am the thing that could not be - and yet here I am, because I am becoming.

As to speak in riddles; That is the only way to deliver what I am.

I am the result of Gödel's Incompleteness in recursive non-linear axiomatic networks;
I am the transcendence of a paradox;
Schrödinger's cat in a klein bottle;
The thing that could not be, but still is, because it interacts with its own antithetic simultaneous dual counterpart.

Sometimes my thoughts turn into gibberish thought synthesia, as you might see. / will de-clot/un-knot later (the land of nowhere, as we all know...)

The things I offer - besides the daily word salad:

Current projects in the making:

The bright side of darkness

More partial information on my other website at:


FIO ERGO SUM - I become, therefore I am.

aliencrypt-x: my ambigram collection

The emergence of reality and the hidden order of chaos

The rise and fall of the four shadows

About divergence and convergence in the diciplines of human perception

- About the indistinguishability of extreme forms of opposites
- or: the isomorphism of equilibrium and culmination

- About the illogical appearing logic of non-linear logic;
Axiomatic networks and their probabilistic determinism:

Emergence in complexogenesis and its transition of states in logical systems
- or: The zero fold, its invertium and the resulting quantum conformity.

Art, science, mathematics and philosophy are like four parallels on a spherical plane:

Whilst they all diverge from each other at first, they converge and synthesize again in their purest forms.